Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions that I am frequently asked during consultation calls or during initial sessions. Please take the time to review these questions prior to our scheduled consultation call. This will help to ensure that our brief consultation call is spent discussing your needs for therapy versus answering more general questions. This is an evolving page as I will continue to add questions that I am asked frequently. 

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Session Information

  • How do I get started? There's a message box available on the home page so that you can easily reach out to me. You can also directly email me at

  • Do you offer free consultations? What do I share during the consultation call? I do offer free consultation calls. These consultation calls are scheduled to be10 mins only. If it seems as if our consultation call will exceed 10 mins, you will be encouraged to make an initial session to discuss your therapeutic needs further. The consultation call is meant to be an opportunity for you to briefly share with me your needs for therapy, so that we can explore whether or not we might be a good therapeutic fit. The courtesy call is not meant to be a space where you share detailed information about your history. 

  • How long is a typical session? A psychotherapy session is traditionally 45-50 mins long. Longer sessions can be scheduled (75-90 mins) for an additional fee and will have to be scheduled in advance. 

  • How often do we meet? Initially, I encourage two weekly sessions back to back then phasing back to every other week. The standard is every other week and longer term clients, after meeting their therapeutic goals, will often have monthly check-in sessions as a form of mental health maintenance. I do not meet with new clients monthly as this is not consistent enough to establish a meaningful therapeutic relationship. 

  • What can I expect in my initial session? I will begin the session with a brief check in about the formal aspects of your intake paperwork (primarily limitations to client confidentiality and the cancellation policy). This will help to ensure you don't have any questions or concerns, prior to us getting started. After briefly going through a few primary parts of the intake paperwork, we will spend the majority of the session going over foundational information, like your therapeutic goals, family history, and social support system (including current or historical romantic relationships). 

  • Will therapy work? This is such a challenging question. I do believe therapy is a useful support option for most people. I also recognize that not every therapist is a good fit for every client. I usually encourage folks to truly acknowledge therapy as collaborative, which means that you are personally accountable to your own experience and your sense of fulfillment. I am not here to fix you or your life nor is it my responsibility to fulfill all of your needs/wants. That's not a reasonable expectation for me...or anyone really. I am here to create a safe, non-critical, non-judgmental, and objective space where you can be best supported in your exploration of the stressors and triggers in your life that lead to personal, emotional, and mental health turmoil/distress.

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The Client Experience

  • How should I dress or present for therapy? Omg. Please. I don't care. Just come with clothes on. Otherwise, I am a therapist that mostly wears Jeans and Vans. So do, come comfortably. My office is usually around 71 degrees. I do keep a fan on, so perhaps a light sweater or jacket if you are prone to being cold. Also, if the weather is gross out and you have extensive mud/dirt on your shoe, I will ask you to remove your shoes. So, I encourage socks! I also have shoe booties available :)

  • Do you provide water or snacks? No, I do not provide water or snacks. I may have an extra water bottle available for you, but please do not rely on this as it will not be consistently available. Please come with whatever you need to feel hydrated and please eat and nurture your body prior to our session. You will be encouraged to remove with you any trash you bring into the office space. 

  • Is there a bathroom available? Yes I do have a bathroom available across the hall. It is a single stall that is shared with a handful of other offices. These bathrooms are not gender neutral bathrooms and there are no family bathrooms available. Due to the fact that these are single stall bathrooms, there is a chance it may not be immediately available if you are in a state of urgency. 

  • Can I bring a weapon into our session? No, please leave your weapon in a safe space in your vehicle. 

Health Management 

  • Do I have to wear a mask? Yes, because COVID, the regular flu, and common colds are a thing and I don't know about you but I'm pretty apprehensive about the idea of being sick right now. If you would prefer to not wear a mask or if you have a condition that creates hardship when wearing masks, then we will not be able to meet in person and I'd be happy to accommodate you via telehealth. 

  • How do you clean your office space? I use a disinfecting spray daily on the couch. I wipe down surfaces and handles daily. Also, I clean the floor weekly. Hand sanitizer is available and clients are encouraged to wash their hands upon arrival. The building is maintained by the landlord, who has a weekly cleaning service. I do have lysol wipes that you can use in the bathroom, should you desire/need it. 

  • Can I keep my in-person appointment while sick or ill? No. If you arrive visibly ill or indicate that you are ill, I will end our session and offer you a rescheduled session via telehealth. For the sake of my health and others, I do ask that you respect this boundary and avoid trying to hide illness. 

  • Can I take medication during our session? Sure, although I would encourage you to tend to your medication management needs prior to our session. 

  • Can I arrive drunk or high to our session? No, please do not arrive while impaired on alcohol or any drugs (including cannabis). Your impairment will impede your ability to be fully present in our session, and if I detect your impairment, the session will be cancelled and you will be prompted to depart and reschedule. 


Communication and Crisis Support

  • How do I get in touch with you between sessions? Phone calls, emails, messages through the Simple Practice client portal, and business-based text messages are encouraged. Please do not send me any messages with your personal history or any private information in it. Should you choose to text me, please only send text messages that are related to scheduling requests or needs.

  • Are you available for crisis support in between sessions? No, I am not. We will discuss a potential safety and crisis plan during our initial sessions. This will help to create an idea of what might be some accessible and reasonable strategies to use in the case of a crisis between sessions. 


Fees and Insurance 

  • How much are sessions? My session fee is $120. Payment is expected at the time of service. 

  • Do you offer any reduced cost or sliding scale fees? I do offer reduced cost fees, with a minimum of $80, on a short-term basis. These reduced cost options are available on a limited basis and their availability is not guaranteed. Please inquire about reduced cost availability at the time of your consultation call request. 

  • Do you accept Loveland Foundation Vouchers? Yes, I do. Please indicate that you will be using a Loveland Foundation Voucher at the time of our consultation

  • Do you accept insurance? No. I can provide a Superbill, which is a statement for insurance reimbursement that you can use to file a claim and seek reimbursement from your insurance provider for seeing a provider that is out-of-network. I would suggest contacting your particular provider to learn more about this process. 

"It took many years of vomiting up all of the filth that I'd been taught about myself and half-believed, before I was able to walk on the earth as though I had a right to be here."- James Baldwin

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